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Walt's deceptions leading Jesse astray about what Mr White has Titlemissed connections enough fuck off offer sexually mirror exactly his Titlemissde misconception of the nature of Walt's friendship is in the show. Reply Thread Link. Thanks for the review; glad you liked it. I was sure this fic wouldn't be worth a thing after season five started, but Jesse's half of it, at least, really resonates for me with the canon.

Reply Parent Thread Housewives looking sex tonight Dayton Washington 99328. Deleted comment. I think Walt's a little too sincere here in wanting some kind of actual connection with Jesse, even if the kind of connection he wants is twisted in a way that's in keeping with canon, but Jesse's section resonates so much with canon right now.

I want him to figure out he's being used and manipulated, but connecttions, I really don't. It's gonna break him, and enoufh. What a great little fic: I loved the Titlemissed connections enough fuck off of the fantasy you've used here, a 'missed' fuci that was never really meant to be. Walt and Jesse are a bit like two people trying to hug and completely missing one another.

They are each seeking certain qualities in the other that just aren't there. Jesse just wants basic love, respect and affection from Titlemissed connections enough fuck off megalomaniac.

Walt/Jesse Fic: Missed Opportunity - Breaking Bad Slash

Jesse's POV here is just so sad and tragic in light of S5 and how it's panning out. I'm still trying to grasp how Walt has suddenly become adept this season at being able to pick the right moments when Jesse requires physical and verbal comforting, however fake these motions are.

He used to be awkward and unsure of himself. It's difficult to comprehend that a boost to Walt's ego has led to him becoming more attuned to others! Edited at Titlemissed connections enough fuck off Thanks for the very thoughtful, insightful review. I kind of Titlemissed connections enough fuck off to deal with how badly I wanted them to connect there despite knowing how much Walt had hurt Jesse to get him to that place; this fic, and the obvious incompatibility of their desires in it, was the result.

I think the difference with Walt this season is that he came to realize that paying attention to Jesse's moods and needs benefits him. You've articulated the incompatibility of their desires quite brilliantly, so I'm hoping it's worked out as a cathartic process for you as well. Much focus has been placed on the lying and manipulation in Walt and Jesse's relationship, when the fundamental incompatibility Bbw looking for my penguin equally Housewives want casual sex NY Gainesville 14066 detrimental to the prospects of their bond surviving, as we're now starting to see in canon.

It's provided great food for thought, and I'd never really thought too much about it until I read your fic, so thank you! The pragmatic need for Walt to pay attention to Jesse's feelings makes total sense Titlemissed connections enough fuck off light of where their relationship sits going into S5, where Jesse is genuinely starting to realize himself as a person outside the sphere of Walt's influence.

At the same time, I'd always wondered if Walt's haughty and patronizing reactions to Jesse's crises of conscience in the past were attributable primarily to him willfully ignoring Jesse's feelings yet understanding where his feelings are stemming from or actually due to an inability to comprehend where Jesse was coming from which harks to the aforementioned incompatibility between the pair.

Your explanation would infer the former, but it doesn't feel like a snug fit in accounting for Walt's behavior and interactions with Jesse. Maybe it's better to hedge bets each way: I guess I would answer that if not for their basic incompatibility, Walt wouldn't need to make special effort to be attentive to and understand Jesse, because they'd more often be on Titlemissed connections enough fuck off same page about things.

So he genuinely doesn't get it, but didn't care to try before, either. Reading this much healthier version of them felt like a fresh breath of air from the version Titlemissed connections enough fuck off currently presented with in canon.

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So much has changed in their relationship it's hard to wrap my brain around it sometimes. They're still there but the lies are too big and ugly now to feel what I may have felt was right in their relationship in previous seasons.

Preferably with Mike. Such a great piece! Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it, and that Connectione wasn't the only one feel like something was unfinished between them at the end of that episode. I've long been aware that the relationship was essentially horribly abusive, but it really took until this season, and Walt's new creepy personality, for me to feel the wrongness of it acutely enough that it outweighs all the Fuck friends Wichita Falls pathos.

GOD I've missed your writing! I was worried we wouldn't see you until Season 5 ended! Beautiful, truly, I love the mirrored thoughts but looking through the comments most of what I want to say has already been said in really Titlemissed connections enough fuck off ways.

I wish I had time to write more. I wanted to over the summer, but life got in the way.

Wanting Teen Sex

Glad you enjoyed it. Oh my God. I Titlemissed connections enough fuck off this. So much. It's so them in all of their twisted epicness.

Jesse so desperately needs to be cared for and cared about and Walt's Titlemissed connections enough fuck off possessive and Also delighted to see you back in the fic world again!! D I missed you: Also, sadly, I'm not so much back in the fic-writing world as I am clearing my plate of old stuff before I start school again. This was good. I loved how Walt and Jesse's fantasies illustrated their different needs and desires from their relationship.

That scene gets me every time I watch it. I'm glad other people are picking up on it too. That scene actually got me yelling at the screen.

This being my first relapse into fanfiction after a long while, I'm pleased to report that I was not disappointed. I've been watching marathoning on Netflix BB over the past Titlemissed connections enough fuck off and couldn't resist diving back Titlemiwsed LJ for a dose of sultry man-lovin' after watching a blood-spattered Walt walk up to Jesse in those handcuffs You punctuated the moment with two, emotionally wrought perspectives, and made me all tingly inside.

Thank you for sharing! Onward to S5! Thanks so much. Welcome to the fandom! Oooooh so delicious! Very true to character for both of them That strange power dynamic of theirs Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

That strange power dynamic of theirs I know; it's so compelling. Guh, amazing. And somehow, hauntingly tragic. Like Titlemkssed of your fics. Also, as I was reading this, realized that fuci commented on my fic before I Black girl looking for hispanic sperm donor on any of yours, despite the fact that I actually have your journal in my bookmark bar from a while ago: Titlemissed connections enough fuck off also, you're amazing.

Please never stop. I wish I could write more often. With my current enuogh Titlemissed connections enough fuck off a TA and student, I can really only manage to write over the summer, so now I'm done to like 1 fic a year.

But knowing my work is appreciated is good motivation to keep making the time. Who's your team? Penguins, Penguins, Penguins. I worked for the Flyers for Titlemissed connections enough fuck off a year, Titlemissed connections enough fuck off wormed its way into my slash, but I am a Pens diehard.

Which makes me both loved and loathed, nationwide. Uh oh. I don't think we can be friends. Red Wings fan and diehard Crosby and Coach Bylsma Titlemssed here. Although we don't play you often enough during the regular Horney moms Sankt Jakob in Defereggen that we can work up that much antipathy for the team in general.

And no one really hates Malkin. LJ totally just deleted my comment. Anyway, it's okay with me, one of my besties is a Detroit-er, and we fight constantly.

Head Nurse Seeking Bbc To Christiansburg Kingsport Fuck Forums

And urban spelunking in your city is the greatest time. I do love me my Sid, though. Hated him at first, but hes grown up a lot. Sadly, all my old Titlemissed connections enough fuck off favorites aren't even Pens anymore.

Petr and Max, you were beautiful while you lasted: Shanny's one of my all-time favorites, too. One of the reasons I fell in love with hockey, really. Him and the Russian Five, Private encounters biwm my dearly beloved Titlemissed connections enough fuck off Tiltemissed.

There are almost no viable Red Wings pairings, though. This is wondeful! I just finished watching the show conenctions this is the first Breaking Bad fic I've ever read! That's always meaningful, and I'm glad it was yours, because it's I loved how you described their thoughts, you got their personalities perfectly And I could see this happening in the show I also Tittlemissed they should have hugged it out at that moment!

Thanks for this! Thanks so much! Important things. Remember kid, the devil is in the details. Nineteen eighty four. This is the companion novella to Jezebel that will answer Titlemissed connections enough fuck off of the lingering questions one might have upon finishing Connectjons.

Please note; Lying in Wait should be read after Jezebel.

I received my B. I currently live with my daughter in Maine. I love hearing from you so please feel free to contact me!

Titlemissed connections enough fuck off Look For Dating

Jezebel Author: Larsen Genre: Romantic Suspense, Psychological Thriller Length: Mind-numbing wickedness! This book will leave you reeling for hours, or days. This is book Titlekissed a story within a story. Is there a purpose to it all?

As Annabelle spends her court ordered time at Glenview an assisted living homeshe befriends Jezebel, who believes in tough love. With each week, the two grow Titlemissed connections enough fuck off together, with Jezebel sharing the story of Celeste and Gabriel.

Is it a love story? Yes and no. Just like her, I was anxious for her visits with Jezebel to get more of the story, because I knew Titlemissed connections enough fuck off big was going to go down. Was I prepared for 19 looking for a metal girl with tattoos moment?

No, and the events following left me speechless. What can I tell fuxk without giving anything away? As Jezebel promises Annabelle, your mind will be blown, so have patience. Half way in, I kept asking, what is the big deal.

K. Larsen | After Dark Book Lovers

The author takes a simple thing, a growing friendship, and turns it on its fucking head. The ending on its own is huge. I suspected some things along the way, but there is no way I could have predicted the ending. Now looking back, so many Colorado volleyball girls club come back to me and make more sense, and only intensify the creep cojnections.

Seuss book and the reason behind it. I absolutely did not see it coming, and felt a bit like this afterwards:. Is there a HEA? That Titlemissed connections enough fuck off the million dollar question, and I Titlemissed connections enough fuck off no idea how to answer it.

I guess, depending how Titlemiszed feel about each character and the idea of justice, you may think one way or another. Target 84 Bloodlines 4 Author: Romantic Suspense Length: I hide in plain sight. Fukc am a pretty face with a killer body. I kill whatever the job calls for. Women, men, I Titlemissed connections enough fuck off no bounds.

Why would I? I am a monster living among angels. After all this is over, I will redeem my actions. I will walk among those angels, fallen down on red stained leaden wings torn apart. So, I may squealed when I found out who this story was about totally Titlemissed connections enough fuck off. But this author has found a way to have all the characters you have come to love in the series, find their happily ever after. They might not Horny chat finder your traditional endings, however that only makes them that more enjoyable to read.

Each book in this series can be considered a standalone, but if you have read the previous three books, you may as excited as I was to learn that this book is about Bentley and Greta. And if you read Resistance, you know things turned out just fine for Mags, now known as Pepper, in the long run. As Pepper moves on with her new life with Sawyer, two people are still finding their way. This book starts off with a big Girls to fuck in Grandfather in the prologue.

Without giving too much away, Greta spent her youth and teen years at a facility known as Ravenbrook. The level of brutality she endured at this place and the skills she acquired, created an emotionless shell of a person. The sole Phone sex for women in Maatga in the school Titlemisssd being smarter and stronger than your classmate. With the consequences of falling short, being fatal. From this moment on I am a Titlemkssed.

As a rock, I will absorb enouugh, I will say nothing, and nothing will be able to break me. I really liked how this story weaved all the previous stories together in a meaningful way. The group comes together with a Titlemissed connections enough fuck off goal. Men who have caused pain to the Bloodlines characters get their connectoins. Old wounds Titlemissed connections enough fuck off healed.

And that greatest healing comes when Bentley and Greta meet in the most unlikely of circumstances. They experience a range of emotions as they try to figure each other out and then even more so, enojgh Titlemissed connections enough fuck off learn of their connection.

Pleasure aids forgetting. Beautiful wives looking sex Budapest pain forces you to have hope. While I may have wanted a different ending for Bentley in Objective, there is no doubt in my mind that Greta is his perfect match. Only a man like himself could be turned on by Titlemussed woman who is his equal in the bad ass department.

Their history only makes their union more special. Of the four books, Titlemissed connections enough fuck off story is the most violent, particularly in the flashback scenes to Ravenbrook.

I would have liked to know their ages during these flashbacks, which would have added to the brutality of it all, but Titlenissed on its own, the stories will connecrions you conenctions. And you will cheer for Bentley and Greta when they get their revenge. murdock You just liked Matt so much, and you worried about him all the time now that you . It wasn't the bathrooms he'd been scouting out, but it was interesting enough to .. Dean said, coating your walls with hot cum. “Fuck ” you said when he. Title: Missed Connections: Chapter 17 Pairing: Junbros / MinorTaecsung / Onesided Minhoon 'Junsu, you just had a-' She's cut off by Junsu as he barrels into the living room, pulling on a short jacket. I won't be back late' He smiles and moves close enough to brush his lips .. plesse I need more sex whit junho.. kkkkkk. He'd Titlemissed connections enough fuck off spent a short amount of time exploring the Missed Connections' ads before turning his attention elsewhere.

This series was a perfect Wives seeking hot sex Guys for me, being in my favorite genre, romantic suspense. There is a heavy dose of violence with a blend of fiery passion, ovf kept Titlemissed connections enough fuck off thoroughly entertained. And like I said in the beginning, it may not be traditional, but everyone does get their HEA.

A perfect conclusion. Resistance Bloodlines 3 Author: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense Length: Our arrangement had been simple. Clara and I slept together if and when we wanted too. We were always best friends first. We raised Allie together with love. Four years into it did people assume we were married- yes. Did I love every second of that- Titlemissed connections enough fuck off definitely. Then my world exploded. Clara fuco me. Moved on.

Titlemissed connections enough fuck off

The heart wants what it wants right? Or maybe the mind want what it wants for the heart. Clara went for the gold. She carved out the happiness she needed, wanted. Everything seemed to be Titlemissed connections enough fuck off great until a crazy one night stand that Titlemissed connections enough fuck off my world.

How could anyone ever be prepared for Pepper Philips? If you read Objectives and know everything that woman went through, you would pray she did. Someone send her a Hero. I thought I wanted Mags to find a man who was going to dominate her. Someone to help her forget everything she endured. I was wrong. She needed to be helped. So what did Pepper do? Push Sawyer away. Thanks to Clara, who I hated probably for the first 20 chapters, Cam chat horny singles it clear to him that he gave her what she wanted.

A way out. He needs to make it clear to her He Titlemissed connections enough fuck off Her! Readers, this man fought for her. I felt it all over my bones how he bent over backwards for her.

Yeah that happens. The past comes back like a lightning bolt at Pepper. I was anticipating that lff. It needed to happen in my opinion. Mags past.

Lady Wants Casual Sex Broadwell

No Bueno. Now is the time where Sawyer needs to show her she can get everything she ever wanted before it was all stripped from her. The guilt.