Where is your studio?  My studio is where you and your child are most comfortable. It might be the wonderful Space Coast Beaches, your home, a local park, or downtown location.  I am an on-location photographer and enjoy the amazing flexibility and creative locations I am exposed to at every session.  I never grow bored and my creativity stays strong because I allow your location and ideas become a part of my art. 

What should we wear? Oh the most common question from clients. Clothing is such a big part of portraits but it should not be ‘THE’ focus of your portraits. Textures, similar colors and tones photograph very well. Once you have booked your session, I will provide you with some sample images and clothing suggestions that match your location and the type of portraits you desire. Clothing changes are welcomed at your session!


What camera should I buy & where should I get my prints? I get questions about what kind of camera to buy all the time. My answer- you can’t go wrong with a Canon, Nikon, or Sony point and shoot cameras. I use Canon equipment and LOVE it. Usually after we have spoken about cameras – processing images comes into the conversation. I direct all my clients to mpix.com for consumer photo processing. I would suggest this site to review any digital camera purchase http://dpreview.com/


Can you give me some photo tips? Learning the art of photography is very technical and very artistic at the same time. You can be “technically perfect” and still not have a breath taking portrait. Or you can have the most artistic eye in the world but if you don’t know how to read the light or use your camera- you will miss the moment. To begin your study please visit BetterPhoto.com for more info. I am happy to speak at local Mom’s Groups or Round Tables about how to take better photographs. Please email me for more information. If you are a photographer looking for a workshop on natural light- please let me know. I would love to know any specific questions you have and I could address them on blog, send them my way!


~ginny adkins photography~