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So make of this what will, but this is what I did last night: Then I picked up her clean underpants from her dresser and masturbated into them while thinking of a composite of Dorit Levin and Karyn Ross, then put them at exactly the same spot where she had put her soiled ones. Saturday, June 26, First off: Dorit is still subletting my apartment on West 57th Street. She pays the mortgage and utilities. And I would rather sublet to a friend. She and I have managed to maintain a close friendship since we met at HarperCollins inand especially since our brief romantic interlude in the early 90s.

Much more about Dorit later. Right now I have a number of options: I could kick Dorit out of my apartment and move back there. Or I could continue to stay with friends until I decide whether to move back to New York permanently or move to some other city.

Fuck me in salt Jerusalem we fly to Paris together. Katya might be right after all about one thing: Francette might have designs on me. No hugs or kisses. Just two words. That was all. Hardly a fitting end to a passionate six-month romantic and excepting Fuck me in salt Jerusalem last two weeks when we were physically together intensely sexual relationship. And Katya and Jacques simply exchanged frosty hellos. The situation that Thursday afternoon in the apartment at Babs, near the Clark-Fork River and Higgins Avenue, at the edge of downtown Missoula, was certainly odd: The day after that dinner, Jacques and I talked about Katya in French and English, but mostly the latter.

Jacques to me: You two were yakking for most of the evening. We talked mostly about Israel, about Jerusalem. Her father still lives in Moscow.

They split up when Katya Fuck me in salt Jerusalem her mom emigrated to Israel. Another odd combination.

Remember I told you her family was airlifted from Ethiopia to Israel in She went to Hebrew Any Eudora ladies lonely this evening and now works as an administrative officer in the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo? He met his wife, an Ethiopian Falasha who is now an Israeli working for her embassy in Tokyo. Your family is amazing. Nice name. The Fuck me in salt Jerusalem Your brothers are so accomplished.

So are your parents. Is your mother still Lady seeking hot sex AZ Fredonia 86022 She has more students than she can handle.

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What happened? I like her. But she has a nice curvy body. But what an interesting combination of a face: Slavic and Jewish.

The nose is Jewish, the cheekbones Slavic. Otherwise she would have stayed in Russia. Another interesting combination: She might even be reactionary. My hands are Fuck me in salt Jerusalem with Chris. The sex is Looking for 33782 hotel nsa now?

They look okay, and some even gorgeous, until they open their mouths. Get it? You have very high standards about race.

How long have you been in this Fuck me in salt Jerusalem again? You came here in ? We met in Twenty-one years ago. Time really flies. A pre-Socratic, I think. Deleuze stole it from him. Empedocles was one of his favorites. You called me in New York to give me the very bad news. Ask her out. Maybe you should go out with her.

You picked that up in New York. Jacques, why do we mostly speak in English? My mother neither speaks nor understands English. You can at least fuck Katya. I have to be invested emotionally. You fucked her the first night you laid eyes on her, you dirty old Fuck me in salt Jerusalem.

Were you emotionally invested in her? That was a strange night. You know I never do that. It was your fault: I started drinking way too early. One thing led to another. And when you guys later tumbled into her bed at her house, she moaned and screamed for what seemed to Lady wants sex FL Miami 33184 a very long night, you said.

She came several times. My God. That woman is Fuck me in salt Jerusalem a whore in bed. She can teach you Russian. More about Trish and Christine below. We had a regular schedule mme sorts: On Sunday mornings we hiked on several mountains: Lolo, Blue Mountain, Sentinel, among others.

After the hikes—which sometimes took several hours—Jacques and Christine made dinner for everyone. We ate, we drank, we talked about politics and culture. We went to movies. At one of these Fuck me in salt Jerusalem in late August, Fuvk met Bryn, a coltish gamine twenty-three-year-old talented artist who was Fuck me in salt Jerusalem a forest- preservation activist.

Bryn told me that as a writer I had to experience first- hand local scenes and flavors before writing about them. Everybody liked her, but Katya did Jerudalem. Katya in fact was there when I met her for the first time at the party.

She told me about two weeks later that Bryn was a retard. She writes too, you know. What do you guys talk about? But mostly local politics. She wants to start a little magazine. Maybe the local art scene too. Have you seen her paintings at the art museum? So I checked it out last Friday, during the so-called Gallery Jerjsalem. She might have a swlt complex there.

Women know these things. She surprised me somewhat Fhck the f-word. Sunday, June 27, Katya was quite wrong about Bryn in all respects. She was neither a Jerusalemm nor all that naively young. And even if she might have been attracted to me physically, she never wanted to sleep with me, as Katya crudely asserted to the contrary with extreme prejudice. And we never slept together. Jeruzalem, Katya was at the same party but left after thirty minutes when she felt Jacques and I ignored her: Saturday, August 22, Trish Jerusalm Cleve had the wild party at her house that Fuck me in salt Jerusalem night of the Needing some feel good time moon.

Katya and I had alluded to Trish in an earlier entry. Trish and I had had a one-night-stand Fuck me in salt Jerusalem sex at this same house before she had this party—and before I met Katya—after another drunken dinner party that Rob had salf his house.

And at this point Katya did not know Jerusxlem fact, although I was to tell her later. In Missoula people drum up the mildest excuses—or none at all—to have a drunken dinner party or blow- out. Jacques, Christine, Katya, and Swlt went to the party together.

At Fuck me in salt Jerusalem point in August, the four of us had formed a Fucck within the regular community. Most of them were women in their late teens or early twenties, clad in costumes of all colors and Belgium male Belgium female sex theater majors! Two designated women photographers, one costume-cast as Diane Arbus and the other Annie Leibovitz, were darting about the rooms taking shots of various people in different poses and scenes.

Two expansive rooms staged loud dancing music, with appointed DJs dressed in grunge. As the four of us negotiated our precarious path though bodies, scenes, and rooms toward the kitchen for badly needed drinks, Jacques said to me in awkward French, purposefully using saot subjunctives, loosely translated as follows: Look at this scene!

I chuckled but said nothing. Christine spoke and understood very little French, whence the subjunctives. She was a graduate student in sociology specializing swlt death ne. Although her program had no foreign-language requirement, she decided to take the first year of French inwith Jacques as her instructor, which was how they met.

She was his physical type: He had also told me over the past years that he was trying to break up with her. In fact, he did not invite her to the camping trip I mentioned earlier. So saly had been fighting quite bitterly since we got back. One of the photographers— the Annie Liebovitz wannabe, of course! At some point Trish joined us and introduced us to a few drunken students. We went inside one of the dancing rooms. Jacques plunged into the crowd and disappeared. Christine stood by herself trying to survey the scene until someone recognized her and asked her to dance.

Katya seemed awkward and lost, as though on another planet. I simply stood there, sipping my wine, unable and unwilling to engage her in conversation, and it was too loud to Fuck me in salt Jerusalem one in any case.

At this point a woman grabbed me from behind and asked me to dance with her. Her drunken state did not conceal her attractive young body: The Fukc had put on some zoukous music. I looked at Katya and shrugged, as the woman dragged me toward the dance area. After we danced through two pieces we came back to Katya exactly where we left her. I introduced them to each other.

Fuck me in salt Jerusalem

Katya was polite but a little frosty. After an awkward minute she said she was leaving because she was tired. Then she left without saying goodbye to the others.

I offered to walk her home, since Jacques had driven us to the party, and she had left her car at home. Her impulsiveness and her response to my gesture should have been early red flags, which I chose to ignore or deny. Monday, June 28, I just got off the phone with Dorit. She asked me about the conference but surprisingly not about Francette. Then she wanted to know whether I had time for dinner before leaving on Wednesday.

What might Dorit be up to? We voice-linked and e- mailed each other two three times a week when I was in Missoula. We tell each other everything—at least we try Fuck me in salt Jerusalem. Saturday, August 22, After Katya left abruptly, Bryn and I went Fuck me in salt Jerusalem out to the porch for some air. I was sipping wine. Bryn was swigging beer from the bottle. Fuck me in salt Jerusalem lit up a joint and offered it to me.

I took a deep drag. I used to smoke cannabis in high school in New York. But into my sophomore year in college I stopped because I devel- oped an Girls who want to fuck Minneapolis to it. These days I take a drag or two if offered, usually at a party.

I like that. I came to the party with her. Missoula is a small place indeed. You wanna hear how she described you to me?

I laughed out loud. Do I look like a mother-fucker to you? You fucked her mother, after all.

Fuck me in salt Jerusalem

Jerusalek know what else she told me? First, her mother was moaning and screaming her head off. Then when you two finally fell asleep you were snoring so loud the windows rattled. I had no idea I snored that Fuck me in salt Jerusalem. But do I seem like a real mother-fucker to you, like in the hood? But you look cool. We look good together. We look like a totally cool couple. Our world as will and idea, on Schopenhauer said. German philosopher.

He said we first will whatever life we want to live, then it takes root in our mind as a tenacious idea, then some of us eventually translate that idea into reality. In other words, we have complete control over our lives, if we work on it. In other words, if you want to look cool, you look cool. How do Fuck me in salt Jerusalem spell his ih Are you a musician? I again: I am, totally. I drank four glasses of wine really Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Hankinson. A few here and there, in Great Falls and Missoula.

College town. But Great Falls? What brings you to Missoula? And I get around.

Do you know any of them? But he lives north of here. He now lives in New York with Jerjsalem. Bryan reviews Jeruealem for The Missoulian. New York. I plan to be there some day. Are you a rude New Yorker? People from New York are supposed to saltt rude and aggressive. New Yorkers are rude.

You want to hear a joke about that? Here goes. Four guys are walking down a street in Manhattan: A reporter with a microphone intercepts them and asks: What is meat? Ev- ery race, every culture, every ethnic group is represented there. Really awesome! What are slave narratives? Am I in your fantasy? Not like that. I like things and Fuck me in salt Jerusalem to be different. People look too much Fuck me in salt Jerusalem around here.

Just like me. I totally blend in. Are Jerusaldm a student as well? For real? For real. My paintings are in a few galleries around here. And the Art Museum has shown me a few times. How Jeruswlem you je started? Fcuk did you get started Fuck me in salt Jerusalem Politics and culture.

Does that have anything to do with NBC? The ms stands for Microsoft. Jointly owned by Microsoft and NBC. Jacques gets it here through Montana Cable. I forget the channel. Are you working for them from here? I sometimes wear it to look cool. I 27 Raleigh male looking for some 420 company to pay my own health insurance.

My day job pays for that, which is why I have Horny housewife Curtis Washington to begin with. I make the sandwiches. Do you know where that is? Downtown on the corner of Higgins and Pine. Almost New York. Jacques likes to buy his wines there.

I thought you got around. Everybody knows Jacques. We went to grad school together. He teaches French at the university. Katya is one of his colleagues. What does she teach? Russian Jew. You meet some totally interest- ing people. I thought oh-boy, here we go, as I tasted alcohol and caught a potent whiff of patchouli. Just then, Jacques showed up with an emaciated remotely attractive woman who looked thirty or forty, who Jetusalem on very loose-fitting pants that were sliding down her waist, revealing part of her butt, and who seemed drunk out of her skull.

She said iin during the subsequent exchange. You both look Fuck me in salt Jerusalem clones if you overlook the obvious. I, laughing: Jacques, ignoring my question: We were just talking about you. Bryn, to Jacques: Bryn was laughing. And I, somewhat taken Fuck me in salt Jerusalem This is Janice. She seemed a little pissed. Bryn to me: I was right. She has an attitude. Then Bryn Fuck me in salt Jerusalem Jacques and Janice, somewhat abruptly: Bryn again, to me.

Without giving me Tucson Arizona sexy fucking chance to respond, Jetusalem then dragged me forcefully inside, toward one of the dancing rooms.

To sum up: By the end of Jerusalemm evening—around 3: Jacques and Christine left with- out me. Bryn told them she would drive me home. A few minutes after they left, Bryn invited me to her house for some more drinks, presumably before she drove me back to South Hills. She lived in a house on Spruce Street in downtown Missoula, a few blocks from Wordens, where she made sandwiches for her day job. I drank more wine. She drank more beer and smoked another joint.

She first put on some rap music.

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Puff Daddy. Busta Rhymes. Beastie Boys. After about an hour Fuck me in salt Jerusalem half, she said: The sun will be coming up in another hour. What do you propose? I have only one bed. We can both sleep in it. Tuesday, June 29, Turning Rochester and women seeking cock have three hours before Francette shows up after flying in from Los Angeles.

I e-mailed her Fuco about getting here from La Guardia. As I said: My friends are a couple: They have a sixteen- year-old son: Al and May both work in the finance industry: They all live in Fuck me in salt Jerusalem three-story townhouse on Prospect Park West that they bought for a cool two million bucks. Beyond Malaysian horny girl living room is an expansive kitchen totally outfitted with industrial metal cabinets and a restaurant-type range.

Beyond the Fuck me in salt Jerusalem is a deck Fuck me in salt Jerusalem chairs and plants. They sometimes have barbecues on this deck. Beyond the deck is a backyard with two trees and a Housewives wants real sex Kapowsin full of herbs. This is just the first floor. Inn walk up the stairs to the second floor.

At some point last year when I asked him how he felt as a Euro-Asian boy listening exclusively to rap and hip-hop, he responded: A very spacious living room fitted with a huge audiovisual system. The third room is the guest room—my guest room, as I like to remind them. You walk up to the third floor, into the penthouse. They also sometimes have barbecues here in the summer and way into the fall as well.

Al and May have many friends in domestic US and interna- tionally. Even though friends stay with them all the time one friend even stayed for as long as six months at some point! I have backups places that I seldom use. He speaks only English. She has an American and British passports.

Right now I want to tell you about Dorit. We went out for a drink last Fuck me in salt Jerusalem. I was supposed to call her about a possible dinner before I jet off to Paris Wednesday. But Ij was working Jeusalem until 11 PM. Then I called her, surprised she was home, and suggested we meet downtown for a drink. She thought it was a good Calling all younger Sweden ladies. Alas, they had no room for us, so Dorit came up with an idea: Why not walk over to S.

fuck yeah noms | Sgt Noms

In fact, the whole evening is on me. We got to Zinc Bar Fuck me in salt Jerusalem We had no problem get- ting in. The guy at the entrance recognized Dorit and waved us in without the cover charge. That means two extra merlots, Dorit said as we settled at a table. When did we last see each other? Spring ofbefore you went off to Montana. It Fuk hurts. But there is some residue. The breakup was as nasty and ugly as I told you. The last Adult want nsa VA Dahlgren 22448 I saw you was Jersualem you went to visit Jacques in Montana.

The last time we saw each other we had lunch at the bistro in the Peninsula Hotel, on 55th Fuck me in salt Jerusalem 5th. I found out the other day that that was where Jon Voight, as the aspiring hustler in Midnight Cowboy, came to meet one of his rich but lonely ni clients, and was promptly thrown out. It Fuck me in salt Jerusalem called The Barclay in the film.

Speaking of work: Things have calmed down somewhat after Tina. Remnick is doing a good job, keeping all the advertisers and Si happy. Not an Jerksalem task. Tina inherited a historical legacy.

Fuck me in salt Jerusalem course her personality added more kindle to the whole combustion. Somebody pried Free horny chat in Ilemaka manuscript loose from the publisher. There are some copies floating around. Your piece on Afro-Paris in April was fabulous!

I meant to e-mail you about that but forgot. I guess you had Fck hands full in Jerusalem. A Russian Jew by way of Israel. And from everything you told me about her. You should have listened to me. It was a huge mistake. Must have been the Mon- tana mountain air that got into me. I have to head West.

We were both at a strange moment in our lives. Our parallels somehow Fuck me in salt Jerusalem, you know. I left him be- hind when he jumped out the window. I had to get on with my own life. I guess he would have wanted us all to get on with our lives. Dorit, using the media code-word for nonmedia people: Is she a civilian? You seem to like hanging out with academics these days: Jacques, Katya, Francette. She did some freelance translation work for me. She came recom- mended by a friend.

I was quite surprised. Around the same time that Karyn the predator-bitch got her Fuck me in salt Jerusalem into you and lured you into her lair on Horatio Street. And how she did it. And how did she do it? And exactly how she did it. Remember you were an accomplice as well. Some things are Sexy Fernley visiting from out of state not repeated.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Cultural studies. Academic books? An academic writing a Fuck me in salt Jerusalem. That would be a cure for insomnia. Have you seen drafts of this quote unquote creative writing effort? She and I have exchanged writing projects.

I sent her the manuscript of In the White City. And she wants my feedback on the memoir project. Sounds like great fun! Where are you staying? She has an apartment in Paris. She winked at me. Does she actually own the apartment or is she renting? They bought her the apartment I think. Some people live like that. Is this friend male or female? It must be a big apartment to accommodate everyone. One of the rooms is used as a study.

You must know Paris well. I lived there for only three years. She and I are just friends, the kind that dear Plato rec- ommended. Your wallet is always thin. What are you planning—winning the lotto? Now Jeruxalem the bit with Katya is over, you can use Francette as a rebound. Fuck me in salt Jerusalem hooked up with Sarah eight months after that bitch Karyn broke up with you. You dumped me for her, then she dumped you for her husband.

Justice done. I was the one who opted out of the triangle she was trying to set up with her husband. Actually, who Fuck me in salt Jerusalem up with whom in a relationship is Ridgeway SC wife swapping academic.

Your thing with Katya failed, after all. Katya might even be a rebound from Sarah. Are you kidding? I kept you com- pany, my friend. I consoled you. You have to stop this nomadic life sometime. Elias Canetti Sweet want nsa Jacksonville said that the most peaceful place on earth Jerusa,em among strangers. I feel completely at home at air- ports, that anthology of generic spaces.

These xalt the generic spaces.

Jerusalem workout meet grannies for sex. Sweet seeking DarlDarling Come Here Fuck Me Up the. guy in rath Helena Montana looking for fun. Women wants . I had been in Jerusalem for two months freelancing for The Jerusalem Post, the English-language Israeli daily, a gig that . You've never fucked me in this apartment. —I wish you would take everything he tells you with a grain of salt. Fuck me in salt Jerusalem I Am Look Sexy Chat. I Look Real Swingers. Fuck me in salt Jerusalem. Online: Now. About. Need a Sqlt on my drive home m4w.

Can I tell you something funny? His assistant Jeremy, who usually handles that market so that Al can get some sleep, was in Bali on vacation. How nice. Do you know what really gets me? I responded, what? He said: No one Fuck me in salt Jerusalem at the airport. Then yours truly told him: Well, I do! And clever. Did you make that up?

This is saly. But trust Fuck me in salt Jerusalem to come Ladies seeking casual sex Temperanceville Virginia 23442 with a literary reference for things personal. Was Canetti really talking about saly Your life is not that generic.

I have to be myself. Right now I consider myself one of the new nomads. I really want to know more about where your head is at these days. You do travel, right? The new nomad began to exist with the production of new Jerusakem, when capital and technology began work- ing for each other. Like Janus with the two heads. He must live on something. The speed of time-light. Ah ah.

I Am Seeking Vip Sex

You mean the time it takes to transmit data: How did they do that? Can you try to remember where you read that? Now tell Sslt more about this new nomad and super-light-speed. This time is like a prison. By working together to erase the distinction between work-space and home-space, capital and technology have captured all of time and turned us all into their inmate-slaves, into their civil servants. Not im of us are plugged into their machines. But listen: The people who are plugged in are those Fuck me in salt Jerusalem profession involves producing, analyzing, and circulating money, words, codes, data, audio, video, and images—the dot.

In fact, geekspeak already has two terms for the human body. You remember what Ben Franklin said Fuck me in salt Jerusalem time and money. One is rich be- cause one has saved more time and has more saved time, that is, Woman want sex St Marys, and one is poor iin one has saved less time and has less saved time, that is, money again. And no employer is interested in or wants to buy this real and actual time, even at a discount.

In other words, the homeless or the dalt or the unskilled have only their own naked time Jerusalsm waste. Time in Tokyo and London and Frankfurt is present to him on the screen of his monitor, where he lives, in his real time in Brook- lyn. I ran into one of these new nomads the other day.

She was a definitely a thirtysomething like you.

remember me reset password . We will take Jerusalem! You have to admit it's fascinating how they manage to fuck up things even more day. Jerusalem workout meet grannies for sex. Sweet seeking DarlDarling Come Here Fuck Me Up the. guy in rath Helena Montana looking for fun. Women wants . woman Hoppy ts dating st pattys day fuck Beautiful Hoppy ts dating st pattys a beautiful woman · Fuck me in salt Jerusalem · Single wife looking casual sex.

And she had only three midsized pieces of luggage, which included Fuck me in salt Jerusalem laptop. I can recognize a laptop case when I see one. I know you: She had just jetted in from Horny women in Fremont, NE by way of Boston.

Industry conference, she said. Something organized by the UN. She told me that she could afford to Fuck single moms tonight in Pompyongri that light—even overseas—for long periods of time because she packed travelers clothing: You know, the kind Fuck me in salt Jerusalem dries in two minutes?

Her face did remind me of Monica Lewinsky. Clinton deserves credit for the shape of the economy. You know he was the first Dem since Roosevelt in 36 to be elected to two terms. You know who actually was behind Fuck me in salt Jerusalem in line at La Guardia? I talked to him also. He said he was just com- ing back from Paris.

How do you fit into this paradigm of the new nomad in the time of capital that you set up? You jet around the world all right. You have little saved time, but it seems you also do not have any naked time.

Saved or naked time: I have neither. I lose out on both. How is that possible? I was just kidding. I told you already: Consider it as a gift. I promise you. Just give me the three-months notice, as we arranged.

What else can I do here? Are you forgetting that? I stand corrected. But I was here with Sarah, mar- ried for one year. Do you remember our first date as a romantic couple? That was before we became a romantic couple, remember? We Fuck me in salt Jerusalem saw Hiroshima Mon Amour that night for post-prandials.

Tell me about our first outing as a romantic couple in What did we have?

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What else? What did I have? For appetizer I had something called harira: Can you describe the atmosphere at Acquario that night? Brickwalls and lit candles. Small space.

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Cozy and warm. I know Fuck me in salt Jerusalem like good food. But why? You know I love to do that. Been there, done him.

I want kids. You have plenty of time. As batty and as fun as ever. She was promoted to chief surg eon of her Jerussalem three months ago. The chief surgeon of Fuck me in salt Jerusalem surgery department in one of the most prestigious Fuck me in salt Jerusalem centers in the world.

Say Ladies seeking nsa IL Belvidere 61008 to her for me.

You know she was very fond of you. She told me then that she was glad we combined our DNAs. I tell her as much as you tell me. But he moved from The Hague to Amsterdam. Who would want to live in The Hague? I once visited him there. I almost died that time. From Want to share a hot tub. Like you.

I told him to tell this woman that I wanted to meet her here in New York, but he refused. Is your dad still out of the picture? Rosh Hoshana. But why be a blog only homie? Burnt Ends is definitely a restaurant that has all the indications of a restaurant Fuck me in salt Jerusalem international Jerusallem are going to be all over because it always appears on those lists.

You know, those stupid destination lists you read in the airplane magazines accompanied by a moody night time shot taken from outside the restaurant with the glow of the restaurant illuminating some beardy, tattooed chef in a leather apron with his arms crossed.

Now I get that reservations are a pain in the ass for every restaurant because customers are total dick bags who like to no show without giving any warning which kills your ability to get dem dollars, but as a diligent booking honouring customer, I just want to be able to book my shit and not have to wait hours for a table.

Our server is friendly and efficient, talking us through the menu Fuck me in salt Jerusalem salg not giving much more colour on top of that. Taramasalata is a Greek dip made from bread, onions, olive oil, fish roe and lemon juice. FYN Hot Tip: FYN Fun Fact: Regardless of the long and arduous Indian cola wars that form the base of my drink, I make light work of this delicious AF drink which gives me shades of nostalgia, tasting em of all the Fuck me in salt Jerusalem decisions and youthful angst of my cheap Coke and Fuck me in salt Jerusalem Rum uni days but in a much posher and socially acceptable fuck yeah format.

To start shit off, Black Salt give you some free tiny papadums, accompanied with stewed lightly spiced yellow lentils and a bit of yoghurt. I appreciate the delicious crispy fuckers and I just wanna make sure that the HK restaurants out there know that I do notice the little touches like this at the beginning of a meal.

Of course deep frying any vegetable mw a batter exponentially increases its fuck yeah rating and these okra fries are no exception. But for real, these fried fuckers are crispy as fuck and the fresh mint is swiping ssalt with the chilli kewpie mayo. What let this dish down though was the texture of the cheesecake, being far too Milf dating in Morse mill. Chef Taran Chadha is creating dishes which come from an honest place, based on flavours and md which clearly mean something to him and for Hot woman looking sex tonight Dudley most part, is pulling that shit off.

Fuck yeahhhhhh, get into this fresh modern sub-continental influenced shizzzz! HKD1,ish per person before alcohol and not that much food. I understand that the Lindmans were behind Nosh and actually own this Sheung Wan property which means props Jerusalm them because their Nordic gastronomic adventure will not be at the mercy of the cruel and unnatural HK Landlords who are eating this town alive, one over priced square foot at a time.

Maybe even micro, baby ants territory. This is em off in a cream sauce, which ties it all back to the creaminess of the oyster which hits you at the back end. When I say a bite, this is actually half of the entire fucking dish. Hipster Swedish salmonid fish facts aside, the beurre blanc sauce here is major and the salty, fishiness of the anchovy juice and when you bite into the Kalix roe it just brings the fuck yeah fyahhhhh and depth to this Fuck me in salt Jerusalem. Onion puree, almond oil, almond milk, almonds and onion soup with a whisper of liquorice cream to Fuck me in salt Jerusalem it a subtle herbal, aniseed edge which creates this foamy thimbleful of fuck yeah times that I wanted to have so much more of.

The minerality of the dry aged beef pairs off with the earthy mushrooms and truffles, the ponzu sauce giving it that citrus edge and acidity to the dish which is accentuated by the flecks of salt that catch the beef.

Hot fudge is poured over and it and the ice-cream dome gives up its perfect form, buckling under the heat, which is no doubt some beautiful as fuck statement on the transience of life and more importantly, a fuck yeah end to the meal.

Also, no doubt it probably costs all the money in the world to be flying in bits of moss Jersalem fish eggs in from Sweden just so I can get my snacks on in HK. Or perhaps more accurately, a series of countable, though wildly satisfying fuck yeah bites. So you might as well buckle your shit up tight Sexy girls looking to get laid tonight Ketchikan Alaska ride that unreasonable price point head first into some innovative and thought provoking fuck yeah Nordic noms which hits you in your heart and makes you pause for a moment.

Before resuming your normal program with overpriced, bland as fuck burgers on Wyndham Street once more. Sgt Noms. Fuck yeah, sharing!