Welcome, I hope you enjoy the images you see here and I would love to chat about how we can create similar memories for your family.  Your moments and your life are the way I create my art.  I want to experience your life through my work.  I want you to be taken back to those moments when you were amazed at the pure perfection of your new baby.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to capture the first glance a father gives his daughter as she wakes up in his hand as a newborn and then to capture another father as he watches his daughter say “I do.” Photography is an art unlike any other.  There is nothing else on earth that can stop time and then allow you to relive the memories with a single glance. When you look at my work and can actually feel your child’s presence, I have succeeded. 




Press Bio: 


Ginny Adkins is a professional portrait photographer combining artistic documentary and photo-journalistic touches to the world of contemporary photography. Ginny holds a Bachelor in Arts from the University of Central Florida and she continues her photography education by attending conventions, seminars and workshops around the county to be able to offer the best to her clients. Dedication to her art and business set Ginny apart in the growing market of photographers. As a proud member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and numerous charity organizations Ginny feels very strongly about professional unity and giving back to the community through her photography. Ginny currently resides in coastal Central Florida with her husband and son. To inquire about workshops or speaking engagements-please use the contact section of the website.



 my family captured by my sweet friend Sonya Coates    

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