Just a quick update to let you all know more Baby Joshua NILMDTS session photos will be up tomorrow!


I proof with a Wacom tablet and it broke :( of course I had to rush to Amazon.com and order a new one so it should be here this afternoon after a two day delay at the warehouse.   And yes, I do like the Bamboo Touch a lot more than the more expensive Intuos I had before the Bamboo Touch.  Don’t you just love it when something cheaper works out better?  Ahh the little things in life.


In other news… it has been a rough week for so many people I care about.  Another family lost a son/grandson/nephew/cousin/friend this week and they are grieving  just like Baby Joshua’s friends and family.  It makes me sad to know so many people I care about are hurting.  I wish I could do more or say something that would make things better.


{fingers crossed the tablet gets here soon so I can get back to my normal routine}