What would it be like without photography?  I can’t imagine it, it hurts to think about. No photos, no cameras… what would I do?  So instead of trying to imagine the world without photography I figured I would dedicate this post to my cameras.

Most of you know I have one beautiful son and a wonderful supportive husband; and of course I love them with every cell in my body BUT I also love my camera babies.  I baby sit them when we are at the beach. I keep them close to me in public places. I don’t leave them in the car alone. I buy them glasses (ok L glass) when then need to see something closer, farther away or just see better.  I keep them clean and fed (ok I just charge the batteries but that is their food, right?)  If one of them is in danger I leap tall buildings to save it (or stick my foot out and let it land there when the strap breaks).  I keep their boxes and paperwork like they are hospital blankets and birth certificates.  I keep first aid kits for them in the bag with first aid kits for my human child when we travel.  Speaking of travel..when we travel they always arrive in style.  I have a bag for every season and never pass up a new bag I think they might enjoy.

Now I know it sounds like I am a really over-protective camera mom but trust me I let them have fun too!  I take them to beach and we stand in the surf and we lay in the sand (I do move really quickly when a little person decides to throw sand at my baby and I have been known to sprout Inspector Gadget arms to protect them from rouge waves trying to take us down).  We play in the rain and splash in puddles together.  They get to stay up late at night and see the stars and fireworks.  They get to travel by plane, car, and boat to exciting new locations.  I let them try new things and play with new toys, they really enjoyed going to school for off-camera flash. We meet all kinds of new people together, they love meeting children! Kids aren’t scared to hold them, try them out, or experiment. I think my cameras have it pretty good!

Enjoy this wonderful holiday and be sure to get your camera out and capture something fun!  I am going to take my boy out this evening and let him pick what we photograph.


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