Today was a rough day- just all around yuck!  But as soon as I saw these I felt a little smile creep across my face.  Hope these bring you a little laugh too!

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family photographer melbourne fl- funny kid pictures

  1. Ginny: you’re so right. Grandma and Grandpa loved those pictures and we felt so happy after seeing them. You are so very good at your jobs – taking pix and making people feel happy.

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What’s a photographer to do when four cute little boys appear at sunset on the beach? And not just any beach at sunset.. Sanibel Island.  I watched them for a little bit and then I couldn’t stand it anymore {my own little guy was in bed after swimming for 8 hours straight} so I walked over and introduced myself. I am explaining that I am a photographer in Melbourne, FL {and not a weird stalker} would she mind if I played and took some pictures with her boys?  Guess what??!!  The boys’ mom used to live in Vero Beach, what a small world and it was their last night in Sanibel!

We ran out of light pretty quickly but had some fun splashing and watching hermit crabs before it got dark.  I decided to go with a light, airy, beach’y post processing on these.

family photography melbourne fl - modern family photography


family photographer- baby photographer melbourne palm bay, modern photography

child photographer melbourne palm bay fl - beach photographer

sunset family photos- father sun playing- beach baseball

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  1. Keri says:

    Adorable! What a lucky family! :)

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